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1.1 History of organization

AWYAD was established in 2010, by the Late Rev. Fr. Johannes Prus Joseph Van Deven who had a strong passion to support vulnerable women and youth faced with poverty, exploitation and abuse as a result of marginalization and discrimination. Believing in the special power women hold, he put women at the forefront of the organization leadership and management. The organization has very experienced Directors, management and staff, with technical expertise in the fields of Gender, Human Rights, Emergency Response and Education. Over the years AWYAD has become a recognized institution in areas of emergency response, advocacy and education work, all attributed to its unique program design and a community based approach. The institution has a mandate to operate national wide and currently has strong presence in the Northern, Western, Eastern and Central parts of the country.


1.2. Vision statement

A society where women, children and youth are free from all forms of inequality & violence, and are at the forefront of development.

1.3. Mission statement

Empower vulnerable women, children and youth, to rise up against inequality & violence; and actively participate in socio-economic processes of their communities.



1.4. Our Values;

In pursuance of our mission, AWYAD will uphold the following values:

  • MUTUAL RESPECT; recognizing the innate worth of all people and the value of diversity.
  • EQUITY AND JUSTICE, ensuring equal opportunity for every youth and woman, irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, location or religion
  • HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY, being accountable at all levels.
  • SERVICE to the vulnerable, powerless and excluded youth and women shall be the reason for our existence.